Amana stands for trust ! where products and service are offered to complete architectural and interior design. There is leading international brand represented by the firm; switches and systems from Germany and another product is LED lights.


The creation of the firm is decided to propose and be a part to a great design in architecture and interior design for people.

Amana Teknologi currently provides JUNG brand products manufactured in Germany. Its consist of switches, socket outlets, dimmer, and observers. On the other, it includes innovative systems for controlling features in your home. From lighting, blinds, or temperature control to wireless with KNX technologies.

To complete those services, amana offers selected LED lights whom manufacturer committed to the green principle. Means that our products Reduce material usage, Reuse(able) body and serviceable electronic components, and Recycleable as no toxic material content.

We provide also additional service to provide custom blinds as we are close to the industry for long time. Check our reference to see how our blinds that suite to your requirement


JUNG - Lighting Control

Switches should not only look good, they also have a tough job to do. find various model and colors with us.

JUNG - Smart Home Systems

To control living and work spaces intellegently and to take account of individual requirements when it comes to design

LED Lights

Downlight, spotlight, flexicontilinear and a unique contilinear LED are some of the ranges

Custom Blinds

Solutions for the shading operation, Also for your blind or shutter control, JUNG have the appropriate solution! Whether by pressing buttons or controlled by a schedule, by wireless control, or included in KNX home automation: Using advanced technology, you may easily and conveniently control shading according to your individual needs.


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to check the detail such a specific requirement, quantities, pre-installations need, and more.

Installation Plan

Project Drawing is a such switch plan or Light plan will help installer in preparing cabling and inbow before installation


For all products we offer. You may see the cost of the products to suit your budget

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